Fashion House


The philosophy of the Anthony Cruz Legarda Fashion House is fusion eco-artwear that combines beautiful Filipino fabrics with modern American sensibility. Fabrics for the collection are handwoven, embellished, and dyed with natural pigments by indigenous master weavers from the Philippines. This encourages development of eco-entrepreneurship and sustainable fashions by honoring traditional methodologies and fair trade with native artisans.

For the past decade, the house has created sophisticated garments that are made from Filipino hand crafted fabrics and tailored into American art-to-wear. Design elements reflect varied origins, such as Safari jackets with wide Nehru collars and classical American jackets contrasted with Chinese front closures. Billowy puffed sleeves and magnificent high collars are fused with ultra sexy mini dresses and sleek tuxedo jackets. These fusion designs are the next evolution of the Barong Tagalog and Filipino Terno.